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Indulge in the southern comforts of Penticton's hot Summers, dreamy Winters and sinfully sweet pleasures of life attractions on the beach or in an orchard. Fruit stands dot the highways, vineyards climb the hills and tubers float the Penticton River Channel connecting Okanagan and Skaha lakes. Time stands still and troubles fade away with a waterfront stroll, patio drink or some boutique shopping. Treat yourself in the land where the Sun is bright, the smiles are warm and the pleasures of life are ripe for the picking.

Penticton Hotels & Resorts

Whether at an orchard camp, lakeside cottage or beachfront B&B, the pleasures of life are at your doorstep in Penticton. Valley hospitality will greet you with a smile, treat you like family and leave you with the sweetest of memories.

Penticton & Area Skiing

Weave a trail down powder-packed peaks into the arms of the Okanagan Sun with Jack Frost nipping at your heels. Skiers, snowboarders and tubers can slither and slide down mountain sides and share their tricks on the next ski lift.

Penticton Real Estate

Live in the seductive grasp of warmth, charm and natural beauty in the southern tip of BC’s Okanagan Valley. Penticton is that magical mix of a southern california-style beach community and the northern exposure of a rural Canadian town.

Penticton Restaurants

Feast on a patio, drink from the vine and savour the ambiance of dining by the lake, in an orchard or on the beach. Seafood, steak, pub food and tapas are on the menu and desert is served with the divinest of freshly-picked fruit.

Penticton Attractions & Activities

All paths lead over the mountains, across the water, up the trails, and to a world of recreation and relaxation in Penticton. Hike, bike or walk your way through panoramic views of lakes, mountains and vine-covered hillsides.

Penticton Wineries

Sample and sip an assortment of addictive nectars concocted at Penticton’s many sprawling hillside vineyards. Tour and tease your tastebuds with sweetness of desert wine, crispness of icewine or the addictive flavour of Penticton's many wine varieties.

Penticton Golf

Spoil yourself in an unfairly long golf season and tee-off in a canyon, chip from the desert or putt in a green oasis. Lush fairways and groomed greens provide teasing targets while grassy roughs and rocky cliffs are magnets for errand balls.

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